For every batch of prime products we release to market, patients can trust that there is a wealth of care and attention behind every strain to ensure quality and consistency. Through our “Behind the Strains” newsletter series, patients can take an in-depth look at the expert combination of passion and science that fueled the creation of our most popular cultivars — outlining descriptive traits, terpenes, and lineage for each featured strain.

Read today’s installment below for a prime insider’s look at P-Phunk White 91 #12, a fruity flower strain that’s making its comeback to Commonwealth dispensary shelves for the first time in two years.


Planting the Seed: P-Phunk White 91 #12 is known around our grow rooms as the fruitcake pheno. This hybrid is a cross between the strains P-Phunk and White 91. Hand-selected exclusively for our prime genetic library, these elusive parent strains are somewhat legendary in the medical marijuana community, but few are aware of their origins. The White 91 parent that contributed indica-leaning genetic traits to the fruitcake pheno may have also been instrumental in the breeding process for Orange Chem S #1 (Orange Ghost x Lashkar Gah White 91) x Amnesia Sour Diesel).


Taking Root: Wondering what the #12 at the end of this strain’s name signifies? That 12 was the unique seed number that our team used to track the development of a specific plant in our grow rooms, once the seeds for the P-Phunk White 91 cross were put to soil. This tracking measure is also referred to as the seed’s “pheno number” that our cultivators monitor to home in on distinctive traits of certain plants bred from the same parentage. By closely monitoring and logging the unique development of these individually numbered plants, our growers narrowed in on one P-Phunk White expression that would be shipped to Commonwealth dispensaries. One of the most distinctive offerings in our genetic library, the #12 fruitcake pheno expression, features aromas similar to classic Hashplant strains — boasting warm notes of cinnamon and fruit. Its visual trait of dense trichome coverage also makes this strain stand out, its trichome heads appearing frosty against this cultivar’s purple and dark green flowers.


Budding Medical Potential: Our latest batch of fruitcake pheno flower tested for 1.132% total terpenes and 15.469% THCa—an acidic precursor that converts into the potentially psychoactive cannabinoid THC when exposed to high heat or UV light. The fruitcake pheno’s essential oil content is characterized by less common terpenes like ocimene — a floral-smelling compound found in orchids — and the woodsy-smelling compound pinene. Both of these terpenes have demonstrated potential anti-inflammatory effects in studies that might provide relief for arthritis and related conditions. Myrcene, a sweet-smelling terpene found in mangoes and bay leaves, also contributes to this strain’s potential therapeutic benefits. Studied for its potential to produce an entourage effect with THC and other cannabinoids, myrcene may modulate how these compounds interact with receptors throughout the body and induce sedation or pain relief.


Consult your dispensary pharmacist or patient care consultant to learn more about how the fruitcake pheno may potentially meet your unique medical needs.