Have you noticed a Grower’s Select label on your latest prime purchase? This label indicates one of our premium product offerings derived from a global collection of strains possessing unique genetics. Hand-crafted for Pennsylvania patients through years of cultivation and selective breeding, our distinctive Grower’s Select products provide the potential for a prime experience that’s rooted in passion and expertise. 

We’re releasing custom illustrations for two Grower’s Select strains that were bred in-house, exclusively for the prime product line: Thai Sap #33 and Vampire Killer #18. Read on for an inside look at the production of these premium cultivars that are returning to dispensary shelves this week.

Thai Sap #33 (Shoofly Pie Pheno)

Lineage: Kunduz D x African Thai

Terpene Content: A-Pinene, D-Limonene, Ocimene 

Description: A cross between Kunduz D and the prime-exclusive strain African Thai, Thai Sap #33 features a dense bud structure and boasts flavors of pine and menthol with an underlying sweetness, as pictured in our latest Grower’s Select illustration. In fact, because of the syrupy notes of molasses in this strain’s dry flavor profile, the #33 cultivar has been dubbed our shoofly pie pheno. 

From Our Grower: Thai Sap’s Kunduz parent stems from a “true breed” or landrace Indica strain, which shares its name with the city in Northern Afghanistan. This “Afghanica” lineage was influential in selectively breeding Thai Sap’s traits of strong trichome coverage and dense bud structure. 

Vampire Killer #18 (Basil Pheno)

Lineage: African Thai x Marie Laveau

Terpene Content: B-Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene

Description: Covered in trichomes and densely packed, the buds on this hybrid are a prime example of our meticulous crafting. The #18 pheno features herby flavor notes of basil and garlic.

From Our Grower:  Vampire Killer’s genetics boast such notable ancestry as the garlicky strain Poppa OG and Marie Laveau– one of the earliest strains cultivated for the prime genetic library. Its pungent notes of garlic have earned this premium cultivar its mythological name — captured in our exclusive Grower’s Select artwork.